3 FREE options to choose from:

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Phone Coaching

FREE no-judgement support throughout your journey. Work with a trained Quit Coach to identify triggers and develop strategies to keep you on track.

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Kickstart Kit

Step-down with medication on your own. Start with FREE cessation medication (patches, lozenges or gum) and a Quit Guide to kick your nicotine habit for good.

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Quit Guide

Not ready for a coach or medication? This FREE workbook can help prepare and guide you when you are ready to quit on your own.

More reasons to quit:

Why Quit Panel

Why Quit?
Better health. More money. Freedom.

Dangers of Tobacco Panel

10 Dangers of Tobacco
Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Tobacco use leads to disease, disability, and harms nearly every organ in the body.

Youth Vape Epidemic Panel

Youth Vape Epidemic
E-cigarettes cause irreversible damage to growing brains. Nicotine addiction is bad news and no joke.

Pregnancy & Smoking Panel

When You Smoke So Does Your Baby
Planning to get pregnant or pregnant now? We can help you quit before, during and after.

SD Quit Quiz Panel

Are You Ready to Quit Quiz
8 simple questions to find out if you are ready to quit tobacco.