Healthcare providers play a huge role in helping tobacco users quit.

And we know your recommendations and referrals make a difference. That’s why we have created some tools to help make it easier for you to connect your patients to our services, and to help keep you up to date. Check it out and don’t forget:

Ask. Advise. Refer.

It doesn’t hurt to Ask.

Most tobacco users want to quit. And every year, about half of them try… and fail… because they are not getting the help they need when they make their quit attempt.

As their healthcare provider, you can help.

But first, you have to take the time to talk about it.

Just ask, “Do you use tobacco?“


Take a good look. Advise.

Once you’ve broached the subject, document their tobacco use along with their other vital signs.

Then ask them if they’re willing to make a quit attempt at this time.

Patients not ready to quit may need additional motivational counseling.

Refer them.

Give them the tools. Refer.

There are great resources in South Dakota, specifically designed to help you help your patients quit tobacco. See the Providers FAQ for some of the questions providers often ask.