Here’s what to expect when you call us or when we call you

You can receive up to 12 scheduled phone sessions with your coach and extra support as needed.

If you are pregnant, additional sessions and services are provided – give us a call, we’ll fill you in!

Here's an example of how your first few coaching calls might go:

Quiline Coach Gal
  • Coaching Sessions 1 & 2

    You’ll work together to design a personalized quit plan.
    You’ll set a quit date.
    Your quit coach will:

    • Guide you through triggers, cravings, and managing stress
    • Offer coping strategies and discuss withdrawal symptoms
    • Motivate you to succeed and become tobacco-free
    • Discuss medications available (patches, lozenges, gum, or prescription medication) and receive a Starter Kit.
  • Coaching Session 3

    This session is scheduled two days after your quit date.
    Your coach will:

    • Provide support and encouragement
    • Provide additional information on medication
  • Coaching Session 4

    This session is scheduled within 2 weeks of your quit date.
    Your coach will:

    • Review your quit strategies
    • Address relapses
  • Coaching Session 5

    This is your graduation session!
    Your coach will:

    • Review your contact information for follow up purposes
    • Issue a graduation letter
    • Review any additional suggestions
    • Answer any questions
  • As Needed…

    You decide what works best with your coach!