Why Coaching Works


Coaching is a PARTNERSHIP

A coach will help you define your goals, identify personal strengths and address obstacles.

Coaches LISTEN… they don’t lecture

A coach can make it easier to move forward and be successful by helping you sort out your priorities.

Coaches help you stay ACCOUNTABLE

You are more likely to quit and stay quit if you receive coaching services. You’re still doing it on your own – a coach just guides and supports you.

We’ve done the math!

We know coaching works because we study it. We track the results of people who have used the QuitLine and compare it against all kinds of data from all over the country. Using a Quit Coach IS effective… and to brag just a little, the South Dakota QuitLine has one of the best success rates in the nation.

We’ve got PROOF

Former tobacco users who’ve worked with our coaches know coaching works. Nearly all of the people who have been through the program would use it again if necessary and would recommend it to a friend.

It was just an awesome program and it was easy and my coach was great and always there for me. If I would have known it was this easy I would’ve done it years ago.”
– SD QuitLine Participant Testimonial