Quitting is just good business.

Helping tobacco users quit not only saves lives, it can also save you money. Everyone wins because healthier employees are more productive, healthcare costs are lower, and premature deaths can be prevented.

Here are a couple of ways employers can help:

Encourage Employees to Call the QuitLine

We will work with your employees one-on-one to tailor the quit plan that
works best for them. All together now: 1.866.SD-QUITS.

Provide a Tobacco-Free Environment

Your employees deserve smoke-free air. There is no safe level of
secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke can cause as much damage to
a nonsmoker as it does to a smoker and can make existing medical
conditions worse. Download our tobacco-free workplace model
and create a 100% tobacco-free environment.

Become Engaged in the Health
and Well-being of Your Employees

A workplace that supports health is likely to have policies and an environment that promote healthy behaviors, offer behavioral incentives to employees, and increase employees’ access to health resources. Visit goodandhealthysd.org or healthysd.gov for a variety of model policies, resources, and additional information.

For a full list of how employers can provide a comprehensive smoking cessation benefit, download the American Lung Association’s Fact Sheet: An Action Plan for Cessation

Free materials can also be ordered from the Department of Health via their Educational Materials Catalog