Coaching Really Works!

Our coaches are trained to help you reach your quit goals. Meet our staff and see what they have to say or give them a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS.

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Get to know our coaches.

Our QuitLine coaches are healthcare professionals with special training in tobacco addiction and cessation. They’re South Dakotans, just like you. Here’s a bit about each of them:


Adam’s been a Quit Coach for over 10 years. He loves biking and being outdoors and says he always wanted to help others be healthier. His favorite part of his job is knowing that he’s helping people make such a big change and be successful.

Fun Fact: Adam was in marching band in high school and college, which took him everywhere from Washington D.C. to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Adam’s Quit Tip: Never give up. Learn from your past slips.


Ashley is passionate about helping others reach their goals. She believes the most rewarding part about being a Quit Coach is helping others make positive, healthy, and sustainable changes in their lives. In her free time, she loves to be active and spend time with loved ones.

Favorite Snack: Popcorn

Ashley's Quit Tip: Consider what you are putting into and doing for your body. Making healthy choices doesn’t have to stop after you’re tobacco free. You only have one body – take care of it!


Deb has helped people make positive changes in their lives as a QuitLine coach for 8 years. A former nicotine user, she was largely influenced to quit by her father’s passing. Now, Deb listens to others’ stories and works to empower them to reflect on how tobacco use affects themselves and their families. In her free time, you’ll find Deb traveling with a camera in hand or at the movies.

Favorite Musical Artists: Steve Winwood, The Bee Gees, Bob Dylan

Deb’s Quit Tip: If you’re thinking about quitting, give it a try. You never know what you’re capable of!


Kylie has encouraged people to make positive life changes as a Quit Coach for a year. New beginnings inspire her, whether fresh winter snow, New Year’s, or helping people take steps to kick tobacco addictions. She finds her job to be most rewarding when she witnesses people achieve their goals, proving to both themselves and the world that they have control over tobacco and their Quit.

Favorite hobbies: Embroidery, bullet journaling, making cards

Kylie’s Quit Tip: Believe in yourself. If you want to quit, then there is no better time than the present.


Landra has helped others achieve tobacco-free lives as a QuitLine coach for 1 year. When Landra discovered a passion for competitive bodybuilding, she realized she’d need to give up tobacco to be successful in the gym. During each coaching session, Landra helps callers build confidence and healthy habits for sustaining their quit.

Secret Skills: Landra has never lost a handstand or eating contest.

Landra’s Quit Tip: Quitting is hard, but it’s worth it. The effort you put into your quit will determine the results you get.


Lex is one of our most experienced Quit Coaches with about 15 years experience under her belt. Lex was drawn to coaching because of her faith and her desire to serve others. Her favorite part of her job is hearing a client say how proud they are of their ability to quit tobacco. When she’s not on the job, Lex likes to smell the roses and lists flower gardening as one of her favorite past times!

Favorite Food: Sushi

Lex’s Quit Tip: Life is short, live every day as if it’s your last and do all you can to keep your body healthy.


Nikki, a wellness coach, brought her passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves to work as a Quit Coach in March 2021. Her favorite part of the process is seeing a client move through the stages of change, when everything starts clicking and falling into place, and you can see a positive shift in the client’s motivation and confidence. Outside of work, Nikki enjoys being outdoors, staying active, and doing some photography. Her two kids keep her busy with soccer, baseball, and basketball too!

Fun fact: Nikki raced triathlons competitively for five years and recently transitioned into the ultrarunning scene.

Nikki's Quit Tip: It will take time. It will require dedication, willpower, and sacrifice. There will be temptation. But I promise you, it will be worth it.


Helping people across South Dakota live tobacco free has been Tom’s mission as a Quit Coach for over a year. The former college football player is dedicated to health and fitness, so he decided he needed to truly live his best life by kicking his own tobacco habit. Now, he’s passionate about helping others do the same. Tom loves helping people who didn’t believe they could quit, including a 68-year-old who started smoking at age 12!

Favorite football team: Minnesota Vikings

Tom's Quit Tip: Make an investment in yourself! If you do not, who will? Anything worth having in life takes time and energy.