Coaching Really Works!

Our coaches are trained to help you reach your quit goals. Meet our staff and see what they have to say or give them a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS.

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Get to know our coaches.

Our QuitLine coaches are healthcare professionals with special training in tobacco addiction and cessation. They’re South Dakotans, just like you. Here’s a bit about each of them:


Adam’s been a Quit Coach for over 10 years. He loves biking and being outdoors and says he always wanted to help others be healthier. His favorite part of his job is knowing that he’s helping people make such a big change and be successful.

Fun Fact: Adam was in marching band in high school and college, which took him everywhere from Washington D.C. to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Adam’s Quit Tip: Never give up. Learn from your past slips.


Deb has helped people make positive changes in their lives as a QuitLine coach for 8 years. A former nicotine user, she was largely influenced to quit by her father’s passing. Now, Deb listens to others’ stories and works to empower them to reflect on how tobacco use affects themselves and their families. In her free time, you’ll find Deb traveling with a camera in hand or at the movies.

Favorite Musical Artists: Steve Winwood, The Bee Gees, Bob Dylan

Deb’s Quit Tip: If you’re thinking about quitting, give it a try. You never know what you’re capable of!


Landra has helped others achieve tobacco-free lives as a QuitLine coach for 1 year. When Landra discovered a passion for competitive bodybuilding, she realized she’d need to give up tobacco to be successful in the gym. During each coaching session, Landra helps callers build confidence and healthy habits for sustaining their quit.

Secret Skills: Landra has never lost a handstand or eating contest.

Landra’s Quit Tip: Quitting is hard, but it’s worth it. The effort you put into your quit will determine the results you get.


Lex is one of our most experienced Quit Coaches with about 15 years experience under her belt. Lex was drawn to coaching because of her faith and her desire to serve others. Her favorite part of her job is hearing a client say how proud they are of their ability to quit tobacco. When she’s not on the job, Lex likes to smell the roses and lists flower gardening as one of her favorite past times!

Favorite Food: Sushi

Lex’s Tip: Life is short, live every day as if it’s your last and do all you can to keep your body healthy.


As a former chew user, Matt knows how easily tobacco can become part of your daily routine. He realized he needed to quit after his gums and lower lip started to hurt… a wake-up call to the harm it was doing. He’s a big believer that no goal is impossible. As a quit coach over the past year, he’s grown a passion for helping others that need support in their quit journeys. Outside of work, you can find him catching Minnesota Vikings, Twins, or Wild games.

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Matt’s Quit Tip: Tobacco disguises itself as a friend. It’s there when we are relaxing, having a drink, and comforts us after a rough day. In reality, the tobacco is killing us; helping the user realize it is a backstabbing habit and not a friend can be helpful.


A hockey player, dog lover, and eating-out specialist, Nick has been coaching for five years. Nick’s background is in addiction counseling, so Quit Coaching has been a perfect fit. He enjoys being a guiding hand to people looking for a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Secret Skill: Nick can write basic SQL computer code.

Nick’s Quit Tip: Write a pros and cons list on quitting. See how they match up.


Tara’s a DIY enthusiast with a knack for reinventing and restoring old furniture. She brings the same persistence and problem-solving skills with her as a QuitLine Coach. Her reward is hearing the joy in someone’s voice when they tell her how long they’ve been tobacco-free and how much better they feel—both physically and mentally. She understands that time is a key part of the quit process and encourages family and friends to be patient with their loved ones as they work toward their quit goals.

Favorite Quit Story: My most memorable quit story is when I called someone for their coaching session and he couldn’t wait to tell me about his health. He had been on the verge of having to be put on blood pressure medication and after he quit smoking, his blood pressure dropped drastically. He told me to share that news with anyone that would listen; he wanted everyone to know what quitting smoking did for him! I will never forget how excited he was!

Tara's Quit Tip: Bring a positive attitude. Your desire and motivation is what makes you successful.


Tristen’s goal to work in the Health field led him to joining the QuitLine Coach team. With over 9 months of coaching under his belt now, he says the most rewarding part of being a coach is hearing how thankful and appreciative people are when they are able to quit tobacco for good. Along with being a QuitLine Coach, Tristen’s also a New England Patriot fan, music-lover, and a basketball player.

Unexpected Skill: Tristen is 5'8" and can dunk a basketball.

Tristen’s Quit Tip: Be committed to the process. With the right mindset and support from people you know and trust, you can do anything.