Coach Quit Tips

Our QuitLine coaches have years of experience with tobacco addiction and cessation. Here are some of their tips to help you have a more successful quit:

Adam’s TIP:
Never give up. Learn from your past slips.

Ashley’s TIP:
Don’t give up. You never know if this time will be the one that finally sticks.

Beth’s TIP:
Always take it one day at a time. Eventually you will surprise yourself with how far you’ve come.

Evan’s TIP:
Believe you can do it and have confidence. If you don’t reach your goal the first time, don’t give up and never be afraid to ask for extra support.

Lex’s TIP:
Believe in yourself – you’re stronger than you realize. Go for it!

Nick’s TIP:
Write a pros and cons list on quitting.

Shelia’s TIP:
Keep trying! Don’t give up! At a minimum continue to cut back until you’re ready to be completely tobacco-free.