Reasons to Quit

Everyone has their own reasons for quitting, but just in case you need a few more to help get you started…

Feel good!

Healthier… from the inside out!

Save money… do the math. A pack a day habit can add up to thousands in savings every year.

Smell the roses and taste again within days of quitting.

More energy!

You’ll feel like being more active… it just comes with more oxygen and less carbon monoxide.

Breathe easy… after only 2 weeks, your lungs work better. Healthier lungs means a more energized you!

Insurance costs are likely to go down.

A better life!

Your quality of life will improve… you’ll have more time with family and friends, less illness, and even a longer, healthier life!

Sense of accomplishment… quitting can be really, really hard and when you conquer your addiction you can be proud of yourself!

New reasons to celebrate… more time to celebrate and less time standing outside on a smoke break. Be tobacco-free! You can do this. Celebrate every day, week, month or year that goes by!


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