I wish you luck in quitting. I’m an old dog and I finally called QuitLine two years ago! They have GREAT coaches also! The best advice I could give somebody is one of the things my coach had me do. Write down a list of the reasons you want to quit. Keep this list handy. I carried it everywhere I went. I made copies and put it in all my cars. I even put a copy in my garage where I liked to go and smoke in the bitter cold winter days! Visit it often! I still have my list, but really I am truly thankful for the SD QuitLine.”
Followed the program. IT WORKED. Quit April 27th 2013… and this ‘do something with your hands’ saying is true. I would peel and eat an orange. Don’t miss smoking. Still eat an orange after supper every night. Have only had 1 cold in 3 years.”
I thought I was having a heart attack, and had my wife call 911. Both of my kidneys were shutting down. I spent 9 days in the hospital to stabilize, and was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. To this day I have NOT had a cigarette, THANKS to the South Dakota QuitLine.”
I did it… I quit tobacco! After I quit, I rolled up the windows in my car and didn’t go in it for a week. End of the week, I got in and WHOA – it was horrible! That smell was in my car, on my clothes, everywhere. Wow, I stunk! Not anymore – I was a smoker and I’m not now.”
I quit 2 months ago. I called SD QuitLine. I have NOT smoked since. I save money and kids really like the fact I don’t have to take a smoke break when I am playing with them. Best decision ever to quit smoking. THANK YOU SD QuitLine!”
I can’t thank the SD QuitLine enough! January 21st marks two years since I quit! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”
My grandchildren had just gotten in the car. I put the cigarette out and said “I’m going to quit.” TWO years! Just an X on a calendar and the help of some real good people at the SD QuitLine!”
I’m getting ready to QUIT in the next 30 days with the help of SD Quits. This is very hard to do after so many years, but my health, my husband and my family are very good reasons to.”
I’m 52 days into the stop smoking stage. That’s $250 RICHER and I’ve SAVED $40 on an inhaler!”
My husband has smoked for 38 years. We are almost 54 and both have health issues – it’s time to be DONE! THANK YOU South Dakota QuitLine.”
I used this to quit 6 years ago. I feel so good being a non-smoker. THANK YOU SD QuitLine for saving this woman’s life – truly grateful.”
My husband quit 42 days ago. I don’t think it would have been possible without the QuitLine. He says the best part is how he is able to breathe in the crisp cold air and ENJOY IT!”
It was time. I quit tobacco. Called the SD QuitLine. It just got to be so much about the next tobacco fix, like an annoying monkey on my back all the time. Now, I feel amazing! No more addiction, no more monkey!”